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Saturday, March 01, 2008  

Archive of Posts.

Blogger has eaten the archives of this blog, and since I do not have administrator privileges here, I am forced to build an archive in a single post. Beginning May 11, 2003:

Opening Post

Monday, May 19. Jack's response.

Tuesday, May 20. My reply.

May 22. Jack returns volley.

We trade a little side discussion.

May 23. The debate continues, Part I of II.

Part II of II. Pack a lunch. You'll need it.

I seem to have overwhelmed Jack.

There's a little bit more aside discussion I won't bother to link, but it would appear that I was unconvincing.

But I soldiered on.

And on.

And on some more.

However, Jack remained obstinate.

I remained undeterred.

But apparently the argument was stimulating!

I reply briefly for a change.

Jack ripostes!

I parry and counterthrust.

And I answer some of his questions.

He has more questions.

I have a (short) answer.

Jack starts on hypotheticals.

I respond.

I wonder if the discussion is concluded.

Perhaps not quite.

But on Monday, Sept. 15, 2003 we conclude that we've gone as far as we're going to.

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